office financeTec

Conversion / reconstruction in Frankfurt / Germany, 2012 - 2013

client: financeTec AG
total building cost: 350,000 €
gross floor area: 375 m²

Initial position / project contents:

In the office house Lindleystrasse, in close vicinity to the Main and to the ambitious Hanauer Landstrasse, fs-architekten developed an Office Unit for the company financeTec AG.

The creation draught takes up the available spatial structures - two visible concrete cores and two striking bearers - and transforms this in a clear and individual interior decoration.

The plan is based on a clear zone: "Working", "Moving" and "Leading".

The office zone exists of four double offices and two four offices who are separated with moving glaselements to the hall.

To separate the offices in spite of the existing tape windows acoustically of each other, adjustable felt swords were used as a special solution.

Two visible concrete shafts are summarised into the middle zone, as "a wooden footbridge" clearly zoned, to a multi function core. This takes up the restrooms and the cloakroom. A printer broad and the Coffee bar are integrated into the outer walls.

A special eye-catcher by entering the office is the input area with the sculpturale receiption desk. The desk is a special manufacture, especially fitted on the spatial situation and the demands of the assistant's job.

In the rear area is the generous break area with tea kitchen, bar (also a special manufacture) and seat opportunities which can be also used for office-internal discussions.

office financeTec, Frankfurt

office financeTec, Frankfurt

office financeTec, Frankfurt

office financeTec, Frankfurt

office financeTec, Frankfurt