CashCenter VGF Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main | 2009–2011

Client: VGF mbH

The area of the money counting room in the central operations control center at Elefantengasse 6 is to be restructured by relocating the master office. The aim of the measure is to improve the acoustic as well as soundproofing conditions for the employees in this area through this relocation and to adapt the room situation to the changed process-related framework conditions in the cash center.

Conversion and refurbishment measures:

  • Demolition of the old master office and new construction in the central area
  • Renewal of the suspended ceiling and wall cladding
  • Review of the air conditioning system
  • Adaptation of the technical installations
  • Checking and adaptation of the lighting systems and other low-voltage installations
  • Renovation of the floor covering
  • Adaptation or new construction of the built-in cupboards
  • Reconstruction WC's, installation WC ladies
  • Installation of kitchenette