Bar "Last Call" Lufthansa Training & Conference Center

Seeheim | 2011–2012

Client: Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Hoai Phases: 1–9

The Lufthansa Training & Conference Center (LTCC) in Seeheim offers 80 training and seminar rooms as well as a 600 m2 conference room and other event areas. Participants can be accommodated in more than 480 hotel rooms. A restaurant and several bars complete the offer for guests. The facility has been in operation since 2009.

Due to the continuously increasing number of guests, the operating company of the Lufthansa Training & Conference Center commissioned the optimization of various areas (bar "Last Call", lobby, foyer) as well as the capacity expansion of the kitchen and food service. The remodeling measures were carried out during ongoing operations.


Kitchen: Expansion of cooling capacities and hygiene
Food court: remodeling and optimization
Bar "Last Call": redesign of room ambience and acoustics; lobby, Bonhoeffer Foyer, lighting concept with various lighting scenes.


Images: Anke Müllerklein