Senior Housing and Rehabilitation Center

Pavlovsk, Russia | 2007–2008

Client: SIB
Area: 49.000 m²

The senior residence is planned as a pilot project in Pavlovsk, a suburb of St. Petersburg.

Pavlovsk is a classicist summer residence of the Russian tsars, along with the town of the same name. The palace, the palace park and the old town were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990.

The project will encompass the full spectrum of senior living, such as independent living, assisted living and infirmary care - using the best Western technology, as well as expertise in design, construction planning and equipment.

The facility is expected to accommodate 300 residents and is intended for a high- and moderate-income population. In the main building, public areas such as theaters, lounges, and wellness and therapy facilities and assisted living are located on two levels, each with approximately 34 rooms. The wing buildings contain a total of around 190 apartments of various sizes.

The construction of a rehabilitation center with 120 beds is also planned on the same site. Here, an ultramodern facility based on the western model is to be built, presumably for cardiology and orthopedics.

Senior Housing will be designed in the north of the site with a central main building and two wing buildings. The complex also includes a "cottage complex" embedded in the park with approximately 42 row-house-like units.