Residential building Sestroretsk

Saint Petersburg, Russland | 2008–2009

Client: ROTEK Group
Area: 13.000 m²

Situated about 35 kilometers northwest of St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland, Sestroretsk is becoming a popular place to live. The location on the Baltic Sea and the proximity to Finland provide an ideal prerequisite for the construction of high-quality apartments.

The six-story residential building appears to the outside as a free-formed body, but it is built on a strict geometry. Its memorable exterior makes it stand out from the mass of surrounding new buildings.

The 120 apartments are arranged in a ring around an atrium. This serves as access and lighting and gives the building a special character. Short arcades, which are reached via elevators located freely in the atrium and bridges spanning the air space, serve to provide access to the apartments.

The apartments, which range in size from 30 to 130 square meters, have spacious loggias that can also be used in winter thanks to the glazing. An alternation of open and glazed areas enlivens the facade. A view of the lake or the sea is possible from the higher apartments, and the flat roof of the building can also be used by the residents as a terrace.

The planned park-like property has old trees, which are to be integrated into the new open space design as far as possible. The small park in front of the property will be redesigned and contribute to the quality of the project.