CIBA Vision Extension Eurologistics I

Großwallstadt | 2001–2002

Client: CIBA Vision GmbH
Hoai Phases: 1–9
Area: 4.190 m²

Ciba Vision is one of the leading companies in research, development, production and distribution of contact lenses and contact lens care products.

An expansion was planned for the Großwallstadt site in 2000. Our office emerged as the winner of a competition and was commissioned with the implementation.

As the first of 3 construction phases, the existing logistics area of CIBA Vision GmbH was extended by a logistics hall with an office wing.

As a purely industrial building, the logistics hall is deliberately simple and restrained in design. Set off from the existing building by a flat intermediate structure, it stands as a clear cube with an outer skin of aluminum panels with horizontal window bands.

The prefabricated concrete construction allows for quick assembly and facilitates easy expansion and additions.

The facade of prefabricated elements is easy to assemble and to disassemble again for expansion purposes.