Fireprotection upgrade Hauptwache C-Level

Frankfurt am Main | 2009–2010

Client: VGF mbH
Hoai Phases: 1–9

The underground passenger transport systems (UPVA) in Frankfurt need to be upgraded in terms of fire protection.

A fire protection concept was therefore developed for the Hauptwache subway station, which was implemented with this construction measure on the C level.

The Hauptwache station dates back to the first phase of subway construction in 1968 and is a central junction and transfer station in Frankfurt's public transportation network.

The project area comprises the north and south platforms of the U6 and U7 subways on the C level, including the entrances and exits to the B and D levels, as well as the VGF technical areas located on the platforms.

The fire protection measures in the project mainly concern the F30 upgrade of the suspensions and fasteners of the technical installations, the production of F90 cable and pipe penetrations, the installation of new fire dampers as well as F30 fire protection cladding of separate cable trays, escalator undersides etc. In the course of the fire protection upgrade, a new smoke-open suspended ceiling without fire protection requirements will also be installed in the area of the platforms.

The construction work will be carried out in parallel on both platforms, whereby the individual works per trade can be carried out on the platforms one after the other. In principle, all work within the station can only be carried out outside peak traffic hours during the night due to the high volume of passengers.